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MON.AMELISSA is a mama owned small shop specialising mostly on muslin and personalised kids wear. Each piece has been carefully selected with the intention to bring comfort and effortless style for your little ones.
I am a mother to twins living in Dubai since 2017. My twins - Elias & Elissa - were the inspiration of this business. 
Before becoming a mother, I was a business consultant traveling the world for around 10 years. MON.AMELISSA is something which is completely different from what I had done before. Yet, extending horizons and gaining insights in different international business cooperations in several branches inspired me to build my own business. It fills me with pride and motivation to see my new project - my new little baby - growing.
  MON.AMELISSA designs beautiful kids’ clothes and accessories. Everything is 100% cotton fabric, mostly handmade and done with a lot of love and passion. Our baby's and kids need lovely and light, easy to wear and resilient clothes.
 But what makes our products different: While there are certainly similar products on the market, we are different by including the customer’s choice in our product design, by choosing unique fabrics and patterns and by designing clothes that are made to remain longer, so value for money is best.
 Thank you for supporting local businesses and shopping small, if you would like to know anything about us, please feel free to reach out to us on Instagram or via our email info@monamelissa.net.

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