Being a parent is truly exciting. We worry so much about what to buy and what we need for the most exciting coming days and months in a parent’s life.

As a mother of twins, I had double expenses of literally everything. Lots of the stuff that I bought was not much needed – the kind of wisdom one gains in retrospect. YET one of the most needed as well as used items were the dozens of muslin blankets I had and still have.

Muslin blankets surely belong to the category that you can never really have too many of. You will always find a use for them and they have a lifetime of many months, even years. My twins are almost four years old and I still use them for multiple purposes such as runny nose days or a "universal-use towel" at park walks and more.

 Muslin swaddle blankets

Let me tell you, a simple muslin blanket is a baby and kid essential any parent can’t dispense with. If handled with care and bought in quality, muslin swaddles are almost indestructible and they can almost last “forever” as your baby's most used essential.

Here are some good reasons why you need a muslin blanket!

It can be used:

  • for breastfeeding to cover your little bundle and have comfort while feeding in public
  • as a throw over on the pram or as light and breathable blanket
  • as a great backdrop for cute baby photos - which I totally love to do for my product pictures
  • as a crawling blanket for the park or floor at baby play dates
  • as a burping cloth and spillage eraser, easy and fast to use and clean afterwards
  • as a change mat at home or everywhere else
  • for keeping your baby swaddled, warm and tight while having nap time in the stroller or at night in bed giving your baby the most comfortable sleeping hours. You should make sure you swaddle your baby with the right care instructions, leave enough space at the neck and shoulders for a comfortable and easy breathing, do not use for front side sleeping and ensure your baby has no high temperature

Last but not least, when purchasing muslin blankets make sure they are made from 100% breathable cotton OEKO TEX certified fabrics, to be certain there is nothing harmful used in the making of this product. It is from great advice to invest in a good quality cotton swaddle for your precious little bundles. When purchased in the right quality, muslin blankets can stay cuddly and soft even after many times of usage and washing.

This being said, there is a plethora of reasons why using muslin baby swaddle blankets is a must have essential on your baby’s shopping list. If not for yourself, you might want to add them to your next baby shower gift list. Buy lovely patterns so you enjoy seeing your child wrapped in it and have fun making cute memory pictures. There are so many beautiful prints and patterns, plain and customised, something for every taste.